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The #1 Software for Homebuilders and Land Developers

TraceAir is a site intelligence platform that empowers land development teams to make fast and accurate data-driven decisions.

Why TraceAir?

TraceAir is the only 3D construction platform tailored for land developers and homebuilders

  • Manage site work progress remotely

    Save hours of time on the road and manage productivity from any location.

  • Achieve site balance and avoid dirt bust

    Plan and solve for dirt balance problems proactively before money is wasted on expensive imports or exports. 

  • Maximize site work efficiency

    Eliminate errors in the field and reduce risk with precise sequencing and planning.

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  • White glove service and overnight processing

    We deliver fast, accurate 3D scans without the hassle. Our team handles drone flights and data processing.

  • Clear, accurate visibility into projects

    Topos are accurate within centimeters, providing precise quality control with less need for in-person inspections.

  • Effortless collaboration with your team

    TraceAir's software is super simple to use and empowers teams with data to expedite decision making.


Drones capture 3D topographic scans.

TraceAir scans your site with a drone, creating a 3D map of your project. Scans are fast, affordable, and accurate within 1/10th of a foot.

We overlay design documentation.

TraceAir overlays your project documents overnight so you can easily compare as-built to as-designed as soon as the next day after the scan.

Manage your project from any location.

Track site balance, check elevations, measure stockpiles, and more. TraceAir works on your phone, tablet or laptop from any location.

Tools Designed with Homebuilders in Mind

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Plan & Track

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See Our Solutions in Action!

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Meet Schedule, the first and only scheduling tool built for homebuilders and land developers, enabling you to correlate your schedules with on-site progress.

Elevation – Lot Viewer

Lot Viewer

Checking the grade of your lots just got easier and faster. Comprehensive reports, color-coded maps, and advanced tools for precise lot assessment.

Hear from Our Customers

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Leveraging Technology: M/I Homes’ Competitive Advantage with TraceAir

Discover how M/I Homes manages land development with TraceAir, reducing site visits and enhancing collaboration for maximized efficiency.
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How Johnson Development Reduces Land Development Costs and Maximizes Efficiency

From optimized project management to enhanced collaboration, discover Johnson Development's success from implementing TraceAir.
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Pioneering the Future of Land Development: Minto Communities' Success with TraceAir

Discover how Minto Communities optimized their land development approach and improved their operations with TraceAir’s advanced site intelligence platform.
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Customer Story

Learn how top homebuilder, Century Communities, uses TraceAir's site work platform to reduce land development costs through more precise earthwork operations and improved project team communication and collaboration.

Additional Features

  • Unlimited licensing
  • Services all of USA & Canada
  • 24-hour turnaround time on scans
  • Accurate quantities up to 3 cm of accuracy
  • 3D Topos & 360º Panorama
  • Track your current location on site
  • Track and visualize progress by past and current scans against design grade
  • Save and share exhibits, shareable, editable custom views of a project meant to align and enhance communication across the whole team.
  • Project Dashboard - easy access to high-level project activity
  • Professional surveying services in California with plans to expand in 2024
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