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TraceAir Is A Must-Have Tool for Texas Developers

TraceAir is a simple, powerful software that accelerates project schedules, accurately measures progress, and reduces costs for land developers. It is used on projects across the fastest developing regions in Texas, and in some cases might be a  reimbursable expense.  See what the hype is all about. 

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Trusted by Top Texas Land Developers

TraceAir is used by many of the largest master-planned community developers, homebuilders, and contractors throughout the United States.

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Empowering Texas MUD Developers

Because TraceAir is directly tied to and beneficial to the construction phase of development, costs associated with TraceAir may be eligible for reimbursement through MUDS. To get TraceAir reimbursed through MUDs, developers must navigate the intricacies of MUD financing and reimbursement processes. Review some key steps to consider. 

Oxland uses TraceAir to Make Decisions with Data

Tom Woliver, Co-President of Oxland Group, shares how he uses TraceAir to streamline master plan community development in Texas.

Reducing Costs at Johnson Development's Harvest Green MPC

From optimized project management to enhanced collaboration, discover Johnson Development's success from implementing TraceAir.

Beazer Homes Elevates Land Development Success with TraceAir

Director of Land Development, Greg Coleman, shares how TraceAir helps boost productivity, solve problems, and hold everyone accountable.
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Survey Equipment

How Texas is Unlocking Faster Land Surveying

New to Texas, an innovative approach to acquiring land surveys and certifications that delivers results three times faster than traditional methods, all while reducing costs.

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Serving Texas Land Developers

TraceAir is already in place on projects in every major metro area in Texas. Schedule a demo to discuss ways we can improve your workflow. Don't let the competition be the only one leveraging TraceAir to accelerate project schedules and reduce costs.